Wellington String Quartet
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What kind of music do we play?
  1. We can play elegant classical music, latest pop-rock hits, and virtually any other music in a beautiful-sounding string ensemble of your choice.  Click here to hear our audio samples.
What ensembles are available?
  1. Our most featured ensemble is our string quartet (2 violins, viola, and cello) and string trio as our ensemble (violin, viola, and cello).  For weddings in cathedrals, we can collaborate with some of the finest trumpet players in Chicago, including Ross Beacraft from the Chicago Brass Quintet.
When do the musicians play at wedding ceremonies?
  1. Music is normally performed during the seating of the guests and during the processional, ceremony, and recessional; we can also perform upbeat music during the cocktail hour and dinner.
Can we play outdoors?
  1. Yes, but we request that there would be a backup indoor location in case of rain or temperature below 50° or above 100°.  If there is no shaded area and no special shade improvisation is available to protect our instruments from sunlight, let us know in advance so we can bring our outdoor instruments.
Is a sound system necessary?
  1. At cocktail hours and dinners, we normally recommend our sound system if 75 or more guests are present.  Also, during a typical outdoor ceremony, "white noise" from a nearby fountain, distant traffic, birds, cicadas, wind, and airplanes may make it difficult to hear the officiant.  Considering that our high-fidelity Bose sound system reduces feedback and wind noise, our rentals rates are reasonable - only $100 for the full sound system (for the musicians) and $50 for a microphone to cover the ceremony officiant and readers. 
Do we allow special requests?
  1. If your song is not listed in the 'String Quartet/Trio; Full repertoire list' file, but it happens to be published for string quartet/trio, we can purchase the music and use it for your event.  If it is not published, we can play from a piano score, but this may not always sound ideal in a string quartet or trio setting.  In this case, we may recommend to have the music written by a composer/arranger and work with him or her to have it prepared in the finest way possible for your event.  Most arrangers charge between $50-$120 per arrangement, as it usually takes several hours to complete.  We offer a flat rate of $75 for us to commission the finest arranger available for string trio and quartet, even though they will often charge us more than $75.  Occassionally, piano scores sound acceptable without having to arrange the music into individual parts.
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What is our dress code?
  1. We typically wear formal/black dress; men wear either tuxedo or suit & long tie, but we are open to suggestions.
Do we need special equipment?
  1. An electrical outlet (optional; for sound system only) and one armless chair per musician is all we ask for.  We also ask to be notified if there will be dim lighting, so that we can bring our stand lights.
What do we charge?
  1. We determine each quote based on ensemble, time, mileage.  You may receive a personalized quote by contacting us.
What is the next step?
  1. To ensure availability, it is best to book us once the day, time, and location for your event are known.  For wedding ceremonies, we suggest customers to create their ceremony outline and select the music for the processional, ceremony and recessional 2-4 weeks before the ceremony date.

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